Welcome to reemtORIA

Welcome to REEMTORIA

I am a professional dominatrix specialising in foot fetish and smoking fetish. But, not limited to.

As a professional Dominatrix, I am constantly learning, studying, and developing my skills. I have been in the scene for over a decade and I love it, live it and breathe it!

I will bring your deepest fantasies to reality.​

I will guide you to euphoria.

I am your Goddess, Mistress, Boss and owner - the epitome of your dreams......Or nightmares if you prefer.

I am used to using my powers to seduce weak males and females into doing my biding.

Sensual, sweet and seductive. But, do not let that fool you. When it comes to CBT, spanking and pegging I can be very sadistic. My sadism ALWAYS comes with a smile as I absolutely love what I do. Domination comes very natural to me as a born alpha female.

Don't let my 5ft2.9 height fool you. After all, you'll always be below me. Looking up to me and I stand above you in jet black latex with my extremely long and intimidating nails you'll know exactly who is the boss.

You will remember your manners at all times and address Me only as Mistress or Goddess.

If whilst browsing my site you see an interest you like the sound of but yet to explore, I would love to take you through that first time experience, just be sure that you are clear and honest about your previous experience, if any, in your application.

I will control you, I will possess your mind and you will be powerless to resist me and you will want to do whatever it takes to please me, giving me your undivided attention.....

Goddess Reem