Welcome to reemtORIA

A professional dominatrix is skilled at applying the right kind of pain that can make her masochistic, submissive client cry out in pleasure......

There’s a common misconception that BDSM is always about pain, but it’s really about the sensations. You might be surprised to learn that a profession technically classified as “sex work” does NOT involve any actual sex.

I am Goddess Reem, an exclusive/high quality Fem Domme and I do not book Myself more than 5 appointments per week. Make sure you are certain you want an appointment with me before contacting.

If you are nervous and unsure I do offer in person consultations for example - coffee and/or lunch/dinner dates as alternative options at a discount. If you wish to meet prior to deciding if you wish to relinquish control to me. Do NOT waste my time; as I will not waste yours.

I do not offer any sexual services or nudity, so do not ask for it! If I choose to peel off any clothing that will be MY CHOICE not yours.

In public, you can expect Me to always be a lady as well as discreet.

*Couples are most welcome